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Canada express entry

How to get Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

Applying for immigration express entry canada mostly renowned institute is WSC Consulting is an office which specialized advice and monitoring of immigration procedures in Canada.Including  Australia,studies in Canada and China, visitor visas as well. In several countries and sponsorship of spouses, parents and children have permits of work.

WSC Consulting has several partners around the world. Particularly in Canada and China. Contracted with several recruitment offices. In Canada, WSC Consulting can help you find a job offer in Canada.With recruiters appointed by the Canadian government. We have also several agreements with Institutes in Canada. To guarantee a good treatment of your admission requests.


There are several categories intended for professionals and workers which you may be eligible.In order to immigrate to Canada or Australia with a permanent residence visa, including the skilled worker program.Quebec and Federal in the case of Canada. The programs provincial candidates.The federal Canadian experience program, the Quebec experience program (PEQ) and the federal program for self-employed workers and investors.

Do you want to work in Australia? Are you coming to study there? Do you already have family settled there and want to join them?
Each situation corresponds to one or more specific visas.

Once you have well defined.Your project and found the type of visa that suits you best.You have to get started!

W.S.C Consulting verifies your eligibility and supports you to make your dream come true.


You live in Canada while your family members live in another country. As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident  you can sponsor them.To join you and settle in Canada.

Canada offers family reunification through sponsorship of a family member.Parents * grandparents * spouse * children * Orphaned brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandsons or granddaughters under conditions.By a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

Who can apply for sponsorship?

To sponsor a family member, you must meet conditions such as:

Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.Be 18 years of age or over.Be able to support the sponsored person for several years.


W.S.C Consulting guides students to choose the right destination and the right program of study. According to their grades, profiles and budgets.

Since Canada is both a French-speaking and an English-speaking country. students can choose their language of instruction.French or English, in a French-speaking or English-speaking province.

You should know that it is possible in Canada to have a scholarship (exemption from tuition fees). study in Canada and pay like a Canadian citizen.

Each student has the right to legally work 20 hours / week in parallel with his studies in Canada.He has the right to have an open work permit. After successful completion of his studies and permanent residence in Canada as well as Canada nationality.

Besides, if you want to study in China you should know that it is the cheapest of the destinations.Without forgetting that. It is easy to have a similar scholarship until full which covers the tuition fees 100% as well as the accommodation.i.e.the hostel offered or monthly stipends. which can be paid to the student for the duration of his studies in China.

You can choose to study in English or Chinese. if you are fluent in the Chinese language or if you can do a language preparatory year in China.

Because,Our partner office in China guarantees the success of your study project and your integration in China.

Working license

WSC Consulting has an agreement with large recruiting offices in Canada. In order to offer its clients the maximum number of interviews to pass and assist them to succeed. The companies offered to our clients already have the LMIA (impact study in the labor market).

The LMIA is a document that a Canadian employer may need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker.

A favorable LMIA indicates that a foreign worker must be hired to do the job. It also indicates that no Canadian worker or permanent resident is available to do so.As a result,A favorable LMIA is sometimes called a confirmation letter.

W.S.C Consulting and its partners take care of everything also prepare the application for a temporary or permanent work permit.In order to obtain your visa and start your career in Canada as you have always dreamed of.

With a work permit you can go alone or accompanied by your family (spouse and child) with conditions.

Visitor visa

WSC Consulting deals with tourist visas in several countries (CANADA – USA – AUSTRALIA – CHINA – EUROPE and many other destinations)

WSC Consulting

Once you show your interest in Canada – Australia – China – or your destination of choice. You call on WSC Consulting.We invite you to come to our firm with copies of diplomas and your CV. To assess accurately and on the basis of physical documents. Once there, we will inform you about the eligibility criteria for a foreigner. We will explain the procedure to follow and we will answer all your questions.

We inform the candidate of the documents to prepare at this stage.

Once the documents are provided, we start the student admission procedure and the immigration filing process.

When you receive your admission or an invitation. We start the request for the CAQ “certificate of acceptance in Quebec” or CSQ (Quebec selection certificate). if you have chosen Quebec and we go directly to the application for the study permit or Permanent residence.

We follow up on the file throughout the procedure. A few weeks before the interview. if applicable, we organize preparation sessions in which we inform you of the questions. Those may the Immigration Officer will ask you during the interview and answer your questions. After the positive interview, we follow up the file until the visa is issued.

We can also assist you once in Canada.Reception at the airport – Search for rent – Health insurance – preparation of the SIN (social insurance number).